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We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Deep Learning Engineer with expertise in Semantic Analytics to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing deep learning solutions to improve our data analytics processes and gain valuable insights from our data.


Kolkata, India or WfH


Full Time

What You’ll Do

  • Develop and implement deep learning models to analyze large-scale data sets to uncover valuable insights.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and identify opportunities to improve data analytics processes.


  • Use natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze and extract information from unstructured data sources.

  • Design and develop algorithms to analyze and process large-scale data sets using deep learning techniques.


  • Develop and maintain data pipelines and ETL processes to support deep learning workflows.


  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in deep learning and semantic analytics to ensure the company remains at the forefront of data analytics innovation.

Who You are

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science, data science, or a related field.


  • Proven experience in deep learning and semantic analytics, including experience with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.


  • Strong programming skills in Python, R, and other programming languages commonly used in deep learning.


  • Experience with data modeling, ETL processes, and data warehousing.

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills with a passion for deep learning.


  • Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.


  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.


  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms such as AWS or Azure is a plus.

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